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Hoists We are the UK's first supplier of a remote controlled, easy to install chandelier hoist system.  Offering safe, trouble free access to chandeliers weighing up to 250 kg (550 lb), with lifting heights of up to 50 metres (164 ft), available on customised hoists.

All are easy to install and have mechanical safe mechanisms to secure the chandelier when not in operation or during power failure and to protect the hoist from lifting items which are too heavy.

Designed to fit either directly to the ceiling, or in a floor space, attic, or suspended ceiling void.

Each comes with two lighting circuit connections to enable full or partial illumination.

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Beyond doubt, these are the best product of their type available today. They reduce cleaning and bulb changing to a routine and easy task. Steps and scaffold platforms are now a thing of the past. The saving in time and labour when fitting the chandelier will often exceed the cost of the hoist, thereby saving money from the very start.

All are available in 220V or 110V options making them suitable for use throughout Europe or The USA.

All hoists stop automatically at the raised position, where they are locked in place by a fail safe steel arrester, so your chandelier is always safely held even should the power fail. The chandelier is connected to the power supply when in the fully raised position and is automatically isolated from the power supply when lowered, thereby eliminating the risk of electric shock when servicing is required.

These hoists can be installed by any competent person. Once the hoist is in place, the chandelier can then be assembled on the floor before being raised into position, thereby saving the need for expensive scaffolding, or other working platforms.

For more technical information and a greater choice of hoist models including models with different voltage and rope lengths please visit our designated hoist site here.

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